Terms of Service Agreement

The SOAR Front offers services to be rendered. Services includes graphic design, social media management, web assistance/consultations, publication assistance/consultations.  If at any time products are ordered they ordered through a 3rd party who is liable for all taxes. We do not offer printing services, we do help and provide assistance as a service. We do hold affiliate relationships and partners. We are not responsible for any defects. We will not issue any refunds on the behalf of affiliates and their products or services. We will help resolve issues as it relates to an error on our part. We are not responsible or held liable for 3rd party actions. 

We render services as described but are not limited:

Client Approval. The SOAR Front reserves the right to approve client relationships. We do not accept every client proposal. If your client relationship has not been pre-approved, you will be refunded for payment if you sent us payment of any form with out pre-approval.

Client Projects: A client request for a job does not mean that we have accepted to do the job. We approve projects on a per project basis. If both parties have not agreed on the terms of the request or project; we are not responsible for a request being unfulfilled.  Our mission is to work with integrity and to be fair across the board. Please keep in mind that we have other clients and we have to service everyone effectively. Please plan accordingly. 

Consultations: Professional help in any form of communication is constituted as consultation. Including by not limited to phone calls, emails, text, social media communication, video calling, live video, chats, etc. Anything that can be deemed as a point of contact when communicating a message back in forth with a client is a form of consultation.  A free consultation does not constitute a client relationship. 

Contest/Sweepstakes: Rules for contest or sweepstakes will be stated per occurrence as required by law. 

Domain Names. Domain names are renewed based on the going rate. We can not quote a price on what a domain will cost. A high demand domain name is more expensive than a regular domain name. Currently, domains can be purchase for 1 to up to 5 years at a time.

Free Consultation. A free consultation include 15 minute of pre-client communication about an inquiry on a service. Anything beyond 15 minutes, you must have business client relationship. Once we establish a working relationship, hours worked in any communication efforts are billed if not included in our agreement. 

Graphic Design.  Our graphic services are only available through the contractual agreements to an approved clients for approved projects. We  DO NOT offer graphic design on a per occurrence basis. Such as designing one flyer, one logo, one social media graphic for the general public. We value our relationships. 

Web Services. We provide a variety of web services. At any time, we can not fulfill a request we will notify the client. Our profession is in designing and we can resolve some technical issues. 

Social Media Management. You must request and accept “TaWana Stegall” to be a page admin of your social media public page. If we are creating the page we will add the business contact as an administrator once the page is published. All research and content created is counted as hours for services rendered. 

3rd Party Processing. We do not set up 3rd party services such as PayPal, etc. The client is responsible for any 3rd party services that is needed in order for a site to operate. If help is needed in this area, additional cost will occur. You must be available to share confidential information; As these services are very personal. 

Payments. All payments are required in advance. If full payment is not required in advance it will be notated. Always some form of payment or deposit is required, as stated to the services that you have chose.  If you are a client, you can securely login to your account and make a payment on an issued invoice. If you sign up for services on a subscription, you can log into your account and modify your automatic payment information. If you are not a client, you do not have payment agreements with the SOAR Front. We only do business transactions with approved clients

Research. Research is a service. If any research is required such as, looking up a picture; gathering content to use. It will be billed at $65 per hour. We encourage clients to do their own research. 

SOAR HELP. Soar HELP does not include custom web packages, web maintenance agreements, domain name registration or hosting. 

SOAR Training. We offer corporate training sessions. We will come and train your team, organization and/or employee(s). Please “Reach Out” to us for a free 15 minute consultation to see how we can help. All free consultations are limited to 15 minutes. Anything beyond 15 minutes requires payment for consultation for services rendered. 

Turn Around: Please allow up to 5-7 business days for request to be fulfilled. If a RUSH is requested and APPROVED please allow 24-48 Hours.  Business Days are Tuesday-Friday. Our phones are available from 9am – 3pm (858) 848-SOAR, Leave a message. We offer consultations, we work by appointment only.  We do not honor request on Saturday, Sunday or Monday. No Exceptions. Email nor phone calls are monitored on these days.

Services Rendered. Any phone calls, text ,meeting, research concerning the project(s) does count as services rendered. If travel is needed, it is NOT included in the cost for services rendered and will be billed as additional cost on a case by case basis. 

Web Hosting. With websites, hosting is a requirement.  Hosting is not apart of a custom web package. It will be charged separately. Hosting can and may be provided by a trusted 3rd party.  Hosting charges are ongoing and can be paid to your hosting provider month-to-month or yearly, depending on how you set up your account with your hosting provider. The SOAR Front provides hosting on a limited basis, if paid month-to-month an active payment method must be kept on file and will be charge monthly. If yearly, an invoice will be sent to the email address on file. Secured hosting is more expensive than regular hosting and the cost varies. 

Web Maintenance. Web maintenance is general maintenance of a website in order for the site to continue to work properly such as, updating plugins and in the event that your site has problems we will make sure the site is up and running. It is a web service agreement.  Every month platforms are updated, sometime those platform fail if a the WordPress conflicts with a plugin. Having a web maintenance agreement covers these types of services. It will also cover minor textual changes on the website. Web Maintenance is not apart of a custom web package and it will be charged separately. Web maintenance DOES NOT include the cost of 3rd party add ons. It DOES NOT cover graphic design or creating new pages that must be structured.  We offer web maintenance per website on a contractual basis. (i.e, per website: 2 hours of maintenance for $25* per month or $45* per month for 5 hour)  On a yearly contractual basis. If you have an issue with your website and can not resolve it yourself it is $65 per hour with no web maintenance agreement. Without a web maintenance agreement we DO NOT update your plugins or add ons, nor monitor your site. The client is solely responsible.  

(*Web Maintenance Agreement prices quoted here are for example purposes and does not constitute a web maintenance client agreement.)